The first & only LAAO device to use conformable foam to seal the LAA

Designed to reduce the risk of stroke without the need for anticoagulants.

The CLAAS System* features a proprietary foam matrix implant designed to conform to a broader range of LAA anatomies with fewer sizes. This simplifies the procedure; allowing for off-axis positioning and the ability to test the seal with angiography.

*Investigation device, not available for sale in any geography.

How It Works

Claas details desktop 2 Claas details mobile 2

It’s in the Smallest Details

The foam-based implant is designed to conform to each patient's unique anatomy, enabling treatment of a wide range of patients with only two device sizes and simplifies the procedure by allowing off-axis positioning.

Claas sizes desktop Claas sizes mobile

Sizing Made Simple

With only 2 sizes, imaging requirements are minimal which has the potential to transform LAAO to a same day procedure, moving clinical practice away from general anesthesia and overnight hospitalizations.